Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development



Flutter is an open-source software that has been created and is maintained by Google. It is possible to develop a wide range of applications like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and web. It makes use of a C++ rendering engine and is based on the Dart Programming language. The popularity of Flutter has risen rapidly in recent times.

It is possible to use a single codebase to develop an App for both Android and iOS platforms. It consists of a very reliable mobile UI framework to ensure stunning applications with all the bells & whistles.

It has the ability to take advantage of the native features of the mobile device like camera, Geo locations, network, storage, and 3rd party SDKs. This ensures the mobiles Apps developed using the Flutter framework are feature-rich and useful for businesses and several other applications.

Benefits of using Flutter

There are many benefits of Opting for Flutter App Development.

Rapid App Development

This framework encourages fast coding and it is also simpler to modify code in real-time. The process of fixing bugs and debugging is also highly simplified.

Low learning curve

Flutter framework has an efficient architecture with the primary aim to simplify the development process. It also allows the one to integrate features using other programming languages.

Single codebase

It is possible to use a single code base to develop an application for both iOS & Android mobile platforms.

Widgets to enhance features

Widgets can help enhance the features by customizing existing Apps and developing new ones.

It is possible to develop stunning applications with minimal coding effort with the Flutter Framework.

Feature Rich Apps

Flutter uses modern technology making it easy to create a fast and more smooth experience. It ensures the user interface is more user-friendly.

Simplified Testing

Thorough testing is vital for the development of any applications. Testing is simplified and it is also only necessary to perform a single test on the codebase before releasing it for both Android and iOS.

Our Flutter Development Services

Android App

Android Apps are developed for a wide range of devices besides mobile phones. Our expertise lies in developing highly creative and stunning Android Apps for mobile devices as well as wearable devices like a smartwatch, smart televisions and many more. We do this by taking advantage of extensive research in this field and the latest technology to ensure the development of a successful App.

iPhone Mobile App

iOS App Development is vast and diverse with endless possibilities. Our professional team of developers have the necessary skills to use Flutter to access the in-dept features of an Apple device to create awesome iPhone Mobile applications. We take advantage of all the features this framework has to offer for the benefit of our clients.

Flutter App Consulting

For a business to be successful it is necessary to make your Applications on multiple platforms. The number of smartphone users are on the rise however, there is the choice of either iPhone or Android applications. We have a team of developers with the expertise to provide the necessary advice and solution to convert your ideas into real-world applications.

Widgets Development

The Flutter framework allows one to create innovative features in the form of widget sets. Our expertise extends to the development & implementation of widgets that have a native look and feel and service the propose of providing much-needed functionality.

Support & Maintenance

We provide the much needed support & maintenance to ensure your Apps continue to serve the purpose they were designed for and at the same time take advantage of new technology. Our dedicated team of developers help provide vital security as well as technological updates for your mobile Apps and avoid ugly surprises.

Industry Specific solution

The use of smartphones is on the rise and it is crucial for the advancement, no matter what type of industry. Leapfrog offers Flutter App Development for a wide range of businesses. Here is a glimpse of some of the industries we provide our services to:

  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Restaurant
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Manufacturing

Mobile App Testing

Every new Application developed requires to undergo thorough testing prior to be released for use by unsuspecting customers. A Mobile Application is not different. It may have a good user interface and appear to be functional however, it is necessary all the mobile features and usability are tested. Leapfrog offers one of the best mobile App testing services with a processional QA Team. Our team has mastered the art of using automated & manual methods of testing to deliver flawless applications.

Why Pick us?

  • Have a team of highly qualified & experienced Flutter developers.
  • A highly skilled team of experts to provide top quality services.
  • All Apps developed a fully tested prior to release.
  • Our solutions are highly cost-effective and efficient.

At Pixel Multimedia Co. we have a dedicated and highly qualified team of Flutter Application Developers. Our team of developers have the necessary skills to design a practical yet stunning user interface for both mobile and web applications.

No matter what type of App you require; you can contact us. We have the expertise to fulfill your requirements.