React Native App Development

React Native App Development



With the launch of Android and iOS, several companies started exploring their options to mark their presence in the mobile platform. Because 60% of the searches are currently made from mobile devices, the demand for mobile apps and mobile websites have increased to a large extent. Creating different applications for each platform has its own benefits and limitations. So, the birth of React Native came into existence which is a JavaScript based framework designed and developed by Facebook. It was launched in 2015 and soon with its launch, it has gained a lot of popularity in the market.React Native App development is popular because the same application can be used in cross mobile app platforms. It has all required the features and functionalities as well as speed, performance and ease of development as other platforms. It is also a common choice of mobile app developers globally because of the flexibility, reliability and scalability of the framework. It is highly extensible, adaptive and convenient platform which enables developers build mobile and web apps using the multifaceted libraries of ReactJS library. In order to develop innovative enterprise level React Native application for businesses, experience and expertise is required for which global clients trust Pixel Multimedia Co.



React Native is easily compatible with other mobile OS platform which makes it the common choice. With the help of React Native API, any customization is possible and it can be used across all the major mobile application platforms.

Fastest Development

Developing React Native applications for iOS and Android as well as other platforms is faster compared to any other cross platform. Vast library of ReactJS components enables developers to utilize maximum of all features.

Instant Updates

Just like any other web app, React Native apps can be updated without any approval from the app store. Users existing app will get automatically updated.

Pixel Multimedia Co is one of the best React Native Development companies based in India catering to national and international companies with innovative mobile apps and web apps across React Native, iOS and Android platforms. With the help of React Native mobile app development platform that easily runs on iOS, Android, Windows and other well-known mobile OS platforms, we offer highly user friendly and innovative mobile applications that your end users will love to use.We have highly experienced and skilled React Native app development team with expertise in developing mobile and web applications for all types of business segments and domains. With all our focus on the client requirements, proper communication, complete transparency and quality assurance of service, almost 60% of the customer choose Pixel Multimedia Co. choose us for repeat business. We choose the framework that is best suitable for the customer business and accordingly design the apps features that is user friendly and ease to access.

We offer a wide range of React Native Mobile App development services including:

Designing is an integral part of the app development because without proper design, even if the app has ultra tech features it will not lead to same success level as a well designed app. Our team designing experts will offer you the best in class design and UI/UX that suits best for your business.

We create futuristic React Native Apps that works across all major mobile OS and easily upgrades without any hassle. Our solutions are business oriented and loaded with innovative features that is combined with integrations, cloud platforms and IoT.

Depending on your business requirements we can integrate your applications with business legacy systems to offer personalized experience to your staff and end users. Be it CRM, Trouble Ticketing or any other solution that you want us to integrate with, we have experience.

Right from the wireframe designing to development and launch of application on the platform, our team will guide you at each and every process. In addition, if you need guidance on how to optimize your existing react native apps, our team of experts will be available for you.

Security of user information is of utmost importance for financial, banking, healthcare or similar segments which receives or makes payments to users. In such case, we ensure that a double layer security is designed to ensure confidential information are secured and well managed.

If you have developed any React Native app from third party or in-house team and you need a team to extend or maintain the apps for future development, our team can assist you with it. If you are interested in hiring only specific expert developer for managing the app, you can hire our react native app expert developer.

Our process of App Development

As mentioned above we believe in very transparent working culture which is healthy for the client-vendor relationship. Below is the tried and tested format which enables us to win client satisfaction and deliver React Native app development solutions as per their expectations.

Collecting Requirements

Requirement understanding is very important so that both our team and your team are on the same platform. With well documented requirements, we share our client their requirements so that it can be verified and approved.

Wireframe Design

The first thing after requirement is confirmed we provide the wireframe design of the app to confirm the user flow and process. This makes it easier to understand the features and functionalities that will be available for end users.

Integrations and Development

Based on the wireframe design, required APIs, integration support and systems to configure is researched and amended. Accordingly other development tasks are aligned and initiated to process it into solution.

Testing & QA

Any app developed in Pixel is thoroughly tested and checked that it is bug free. As part of our customer service we ensure that all our solutions are flawless and any minor/major error occurred is fully compensated without any additional cost.

Post Development Support

All the solutions developed by Pixel are delivered to clients with complete training and support services for 30 days without any additional cost. We have dedicated app optimization team which can assist you with the app promotion across different platforms.

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Why Clients Trust Pixel Multimedia Co?

Keeping pace with the current technology, we at Pixel focus on launching unique and innovative solutions that brings better ROI. Performance, speed of applications, features, functionalities and compatibility of all requirements placed by the clients are the prime focus of our team. Along with several other benefits and advantages, choose Pixel for React Native mobile app developments are:

Faster Time to Market

With an entire team of React Native application developers, clients can choose our experts on hourly basis or for an entire app development.

Time and Cost-Effectiveness

We believe in the cost-effectiveness because we are a business too, and we understand that not all the services are time consuming and high cost.

Well-Defined Business Process

The strong roots of our business is completely based on the standardized processes defined as per the international client requirements.

Business Models

Any app developed in Pixel is thoroughly tested and checked that it is bug free. As part of our customer service we ensure that all our solutions are flawless and any minor/major error occurred is fully compensated without any additional cost.